Introduction to Health Checkup

Comprehensive Screening Center
We provides comprehensive screening services
Through quick and convenient one-stop screening using most advanced medical equipment like PET-CT, 128CH (Dual)-CT, etc., we provide early diagnosis and high-quality screening services against main cancer diseases and other major risk factors.
The primary screening
Chronic disease prevention and early diagnosis against diseases
► body composition, chest radiography, abdominal ultrasonography, gastroscopic, bone density, visual acuity, fundus examination and intraocular pressure, hearing, lung function, electrocardiogram, blood tests (complete blood cell count, liver function, high cholesterol, kidney function, diabetes, thyroid, tumor indicator, blood type etc.), urine, excrement, women (cervical cancer, mammography).
Precise health screening
Male / female thorough physical -
examination: for early detection of disease with a high incidence to adult men and women
► basic screening + abdominal fat CT, male screening (low-radiation-dose chest CT, carotid ultrasound, male hormones), women's screening (breast ultrasound, gynecological ultrasound, HPV)
Precise screening on digestive tract - For the precise examination of the digestive system like stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, polyps, etc.
► basic screening + abdominal pelvic CT, colonoscopy, sedation EGD
Precise screening on the lungs - Precision screening for smokers, smoking experience in a family history considering lung diseases and lung cancer.
► basic screening + chest CT (with contrast medium)
Precision cardiovascular screening - identification of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and early diagnosis of disease ► Basic screening + Cardiovascular Precision CT (including chest), and arteriosclerosis test, homocysteine and blood coagulation tests
Precise screening on brain -The diagnosis of cerebral infarction or bleeding, vascular status and risk factors
► basic screening + brain MRA, carotid ultrasound, arteriosclerosis test and homocysteine
High-quality precise cancer screening
This is a high-quality screening programs made up for best precise examination in shortest time, considering individual health level and risk factors. It is also the precision examinations using state-of-the-art medical equipment, such as CT and MRA PET-CT.

Precise cancer screening type 1 (CT type): basic screening + abdominal pelvic CT, chest CT (with contrast medium), homocysteine, menopausal hormones and measures of atherosclerosis, thyroid ultrasound, carotid ultrasound, colonoscopy, conscious sedation endoscopy, female breast ultrasound, gynecological ultrasound, HPV
Precise cancer screening type 2 (CT + MRA): Cancer precision type 1 + brain MRA (MRI included)
Precise cancer screening type 3(PET-CT type): basic screening + PETCT, cardiovascular CT (including chest), homocysteine, menopausal hormones and measures of atherosclerosis, thyroid ultrasound, carotid ultrasound, colonoscopy, sedation endoscopy, female breast ultrasound , gynecological ultrasound, HPV
Precise cancer screening type 4 (PETCT + MRA): Cancer precision type 3 + brain MRA (MRI included)

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