Geographical advantages

Located in the heart of Republic of Korea One of the most dynamic city, Goyang Accessibility to the Incheon International Airport, Gwanghwamun, Insa-dong,
Myeong-dong,and Hongdae Street of Seoul

Diverse international events unfold throughout the year in adjacent places including KINTEX, Lake Park and so forth. Being the epicenter of cultural wave, this city holds broadcasters MBC and SBS, and large outlets. Moreover, cultural arts mecca, Heyri Art Village and Paju Book City Complex are situated adjacently. In the Goyang City where National Health Insurance Ilsan Hospital situated in, you can enjoy the variety of pleasure from travel, cul tural experience as well as advanced medical care. In addition, you can get to Gwanghwamun and Jongno, Myeong-dong and Hongdae Culture Street with diverse transportations within an hour, therefore you can enjoy a wide range of cultural tourism.

Typical tourist attractions of Goyang City
Ilsan Lake Park, KINTEX, La Festa, MBC Dream Center, SBS Production Center, Heyri Art Village, Paju Book City, Shinsegae Chelsea Outlet in Paju
Seoul’s Typical tourist attractions adjacent to Goyang City
Gwanghwamun (Deoksugung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul Plaza) Hongdae Culture Street Myeongdong (Myeongdong Cathedral, Mt. Namsan, Migliore) Insadong
Dental Clinic
Specialized in implants, teeth whitening, orthognathic surgery, etc.
In total five professional dental subjects, 25 dentists are ready to take special treatment of patients. As a general hospital, we boast a high success rate of implant surgery through fair-sized clinical data, and whitening skills coping with diverse patterns of tooth discoloration. Through interdisciplinary treatments of specialized courses, we perform orthognathic surgery accurately and safely.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery -
Basically including the wisdom tooth extraction, treatment for oral and maxillofacial diseases and oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery including deformities are performed.

Orthodontics -
General Orthodontics, lingual orthodontic, transparent orthodontic can be carried out. Through collaborating with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and dentofacial deformity surgery are implemented.

Prosthodontics -
Denture treatment for edentulous patients with dental restorations and crown defects are treated, and through Interdisciplinary collaboration of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry, implant treatments are available.

Conservative dentistry –
We treat from simple prosthetic treatment to the conservative medical treatment such as endodontic, tooth whitening, tooth decay treatment and inlays.

Periodontology -
We perform treatment of gum disease and gum surgery, implants and bone regeneration surgery.
Artificial Joint Center · Cosmetic Surgery Center.
Authoritative research and systematic system
Artificial joint center has performed more than 5,000 joint replacement surgery over past 10 years and each year more than 400 are in the process by specialists in knee replacement surgery. Through treatment and rehabilitation, our professional staffs of Artificial Joint Center provide comprehensive treatment from the diagnosis to adult rehabilitation and surgery for arthritis.

The best medical staffs
All staffs of artificial joint center have reputations from special training experienced in domestic and foreign leading universities and research centers. In particular, all the doctors of the Center maintain and are involved in cooperative and orthopedic residency programs at Yonsei University Medical School.

Optimized system
Artificial joint center are organized with special rooms for patients with joint replacement surgery, dedicated operating room, outpatient clinics, consultation room and so forth. There are prestigious specialists, as well as a lot of experienced nurses and physical therapists about joint replacement patients. These facilities and medical personnel contribute to treat end-stage joint disease successfully.
Cosmetic Surgery Center
Cosmetic surgery center for a large clinical experience with the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society and the membership is composed of plastic surgeons. For comfortable, safe surgery and speedy recovery, anesthesiology specialists perform cooperative surgical operation in the state-of-the-art facilities. Especially, we are at the best expertise in cosmetic surgery like the eyes, nose, breast, liposuction and Botox / filler injections.

Cerebrovascular Center and Brain Tumor Center
The combination of the latest equipment and the best medical techiniques
The most prestigious neurosurgeons and radiologists cooperate to treat brain diseases. Through accurate diagnosis using the most advanced equipments and treatment, high success rates are maintained.

Accurate diagnosis and the selection of the best treatment
National Health Insurance Corporation Ilsan Hospital , CT angiography, MR angiography and cerebral angiography, and the latest Philips 3D-angiography devices are used to diagnose aneurysm. A team comprised of three neurosurgeons and two radiologists work together to provide the best treatment after sufficient discussion.

Surgery and procedural treatment
Generally there are treatment methods; surgical and procedural. Latest medical equipments are used during surgery and such surgical treatments require 7 to 10 days of hospitalization. As for platinum coil insertions which involve catheter insertions through the femoral artery under general anesthesia, approximately five days of hospitalization are required.

Implementation of brain tumor treatment
As for brain tumors, depending on the size or position, surgical treatment, radiosurgery or a combination of both these procedures can be used. To increase success rates, we use brain navigation and monitoring devices during surgical operation for brain tumors.
Cardiovascular Center
Cardiovascular treatment system of prestige and pride
During the 12 years since opening, c-angio of more than 15,000 cases, PTCA of more than 6,000 cases and TTE screening of 60,000 cases have been conducted. Five specialized cardiologists and highly-skilled medical team treat angina, coronary artery disease, hypertension, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, and so forth.

Accurate diagnosis and treatment as a top hospital in Korea
Peripheral vascular disease is on the rise and complicated and severe cardiovascular diseases are being treated by our professional staffs of medical team.

Patient-centered and comfortable medical services
For outpatient care, we process customized training, counseling and guidance on a variety of diseases. Under the specialists’ guidance, our technicians and nurses check echocardiography, carotid ultrasonography, exercise stress test, 24-hour inspection arrhythmia, hypertension, and coronary angiography. Accurate diagnosis makes accurate treatment possible.

24-hour emergency medical service
For prompt treatment considering disease characteristics, our emergency medical personnel are on standby for 24 hours. Professional nursing staffs are stationed in the ICU to provide patients with fast and accurate treatment. And since they are located right next to the cath lab, transfer to the ICU is done quickly.

Spine Surgery Center
The Top Class Spinal Surgery in Korea
National Health Insurance Corporation Ilsan Hospital, approximate 1,000 cases of spinal surgery operations are performed each year. Up to date operations involving disc herniation and advanced techniques and intricate procedures done mainly in university hospitals are all possible at our hospital.

From simple to high-risk surgery
We perform not only minimally invasive spine surgery using microscope, but also high-risk surgeries involving the spine, spinal cord tumors and OPLL(ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament) of the cervical spine. Particularly, complications involving high-risk surgeries is less than 2%, which is equivalent to top level hospitals.

Discharged within couple of days after surgery, and city tourism also available.
Concerning herniated cervical disc of 1 to 2 levels, herniated lumbar disc disease, cervical spine posterior fusion, lumbar spine fusion of level 1 and spinal cord tumor without any neurological deficits or postoperative complications, ambulation is possible one day after surgery. On the third day (postop 2 days), you can leave the hospital to enjoy sightseeing, shopping and city tour. Removal of suture is available on the seventh day after surgery. In case of higher levels we recommend hospitalization with observation.

World’s highest quality of high-risk surgery
We put safety as top priority when performing surgeries of highrisk diseases like C-OPLL (cervical ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament) followed by limb weakness (paralysis of extremities), severe spinal cord tumors palsy, and rare diseases like Syringomyelia and so forth.
Gastrointestinal Center
Providing the newest and optimal treatment

Stomach cancer: Over 90% have a 5-year survival rate after early gastric cancer operation
15~16% of cancer is Gastric cancer and thus the incidence is high. It is reportedly found in younger ages. Since there is no noticeable symptom, regular check-up is important. If over 40, a regular checkup for upper gastrointestinal series is recommended once every 1 or 2 years. Treatment involves gastrectomy with enlarged lymph nodes dissection or total gastrectomies are carried out. Depending on the stage, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can be performed simultaneously. And according to the development of diagnostic methods, various kind of surgeries are carried out: endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), minimally invasive surgery using laparoscope or robot, pylorus preserving gastrectomy, vagus nerve preserving gastrectomy, and proximal gastrectomy.

Colorectal cancer: Early diagnosis and treatment is important
Colorectal cancer is a malignant disease in the colon and rectum. For people without symptoms, a colonoscopy beginning at the age of 50 is recommended. Colonoscopy provides visual diagnosis and grants the opportunity for biopsy or removal of suspected lesions. It is also available on and out-patient basis. As for early cancers, colonoscopic and transanal resection can be an option. Advanced cases must be treated with minimal invasive surgery (laparoscopic assisted operation, etc.). We usually recommend about 7-10-day admission for operation. After treatment, early cancer can be cured completely. Adjuvant chemotherapy should be given in advanced stage and radiotherapy in rectal cancer, achieving the excellence in the result of treatment.
Medical teams, equipments, and facilities
The best medical staffs, the latest equipments, and the best medical services
National Health Insurance corporation Ilsan Hospital has made a constant effort to gain the love of patients. We try to serve our patients and be a hospital that provides comfort to anyone who visits. Our superb staff proudly takes care of patients using the newest medical equipment and facilities and through the best service.

Specialized Medical Practice
Life, there is nothing more precious and valuable than that. Our medical staffs, which consist of leading experts in each field, are fulfilling warm care and regarding patients like family.

Advanced Medical Equipments and Automated System
We provide the most advanced medical service with 922 types and 2,372 units in total. We also adopted prescription delivery system which reduces waiting time and ATS that could minimize the movement of patients and staffs. Through prompt and precise medical information systems, we realized a treatment system which highly raised the degree of satisfaction.

Comfortable Amenities
Not only clean and comfortable single hospital rooms but also VIP rooms with dining area, kitchen equipment and shower booth. Atrium with excellent natural lighting, a central triangular hall in the center of the hospital ward rehabilitation facilities with diverse art contributes to rapid recovery of the patients.

Overseas Medical Volunteer practicing the Spirit of Sharing
National Health Insurance Corporation Ilsan Hospital constantly provides free medical care services for foreign workers in Korea. In addition to domestic volunteer activities, we also have practiced medical volunteering by expanding our scope with diverse medical support programs to help victims of natural disasters.

Well Organized Care System for patients from abroad
There is no border in the medical service provided by National Health Insurance Corporation Ilsan Hospital. We provide translation service for foreign customers as well as various conveniences through International Medical Center so that customers could experience seamless procedures from prompt diagnosis to satisfactory treatment.

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