Introduction to Specialist Medical Service

Definition of Specialist Medical Service

Pursuant to Article 37- 2 of the Medical Act, this is a system that allows patients or their guardians to appoint a particular doctor in the hospital for their medical care. If an additional fee is applicable for the appointed doctor, it shall be entirely paid by the patients.
What is Specialist Medical Service?
Specialist Medical Service medical service provided by an experienced doctor who has been working as a specialist for at least 10 years (15 years for dentists). If you want Specialist Medical Service, indicate your desired doctor and department in the applicable section of the application for Specialist Medical Service. Sign and submit the application.
(For inpatients, indicate your desired doctor in the applicable section of your Declaration of Hospitalization and sign the form. If you want to change or cancel your selective care, fill out an Application for Selective Care Change/Cancellation.)

If you receive specialist medical service, the applicable specialist fee shall be charged to you entirely, based on the rates set by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
How are the additional fees calculated?
Professor's direct medical service shall be surcharged;
  • 55% for outpatient consultation fee
  • 20% for inpatient rounding fee
  • 50% for diagnosis examination, radiation therapy and psychotherapy (With the exception of further analysis, which will be surcharged 100%)
  • 25 % for radiography diagnosis (With the exception of angiography, which will be surcharged 100%)
  • 100% for medical procedures, surgery and anesthesia
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