Introduction Mission/Vision History

Ilsan Hospital is the nation’s only hospital operated by the public insurer, the National Health Insurance Service. With the aim of enhancing public health and serving as a model health insurance hospital based on high-quality medical care and kind service, this hospital opened on 03 Mar 2000 with 745 beds, in a building with 5 underground levels and 13 stories.
Operated by the insurer, Ilsan Hospital aims to improve insurance subscriber's benefits for medical care, while satisfying the community's needs for health care, as well as enhancing the national public health care level and developing medical and health insurance systems through diverse research analysis of medical insurance issues.

Background and Intention
The medical environment of the 21st century is changing, with the need for a new configuration of medical services and hospital operation due to increased medical care needs and changing disease structures. In addition, there has been an unmet need for a directly insurer-operated hospital that provides innovative public medical services with a unique management system. Under such circumstances, to provide high-quality medical service in the northwestern Gyeonggi area, which had lacked medical service, this hospital opened in Ilsan on 03 Mar 2000, with up-to-date medical equipment and 745-beds in a building with 5 underground levels and 13 stories.
Major Features
By introducing automatic systems for building, inventory, tests and pharmacy, and establishing a comprehensive information system, patient wait times can be reduced and the benefits of medical care improved.

- Through human resource and technical cooperation with Yonsei University, a stable supply of high quality medical professionals can be secured.
- Employed the first 4-patient ward system in Korea to provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for patients to improve initial treatment effects by enhancing emotional stability.
- By providing non-profit facilities, including a directly operated funeral hall, reputation as a public hospital can be enhanced.
- Prepare large parking lots (1,213 cars) to enhance convenience of incoming patients.
- By constructing a walking path for patients connected to nearby parks, provide pleasant surroundings
- With advanced architectural structure (middle garden and atrium), improve natural lighting and ventilation in every corner of the building.
- As a hospital operated by the insurer, provide kind service with reasonable medical fee to realize a patient-centered hospital.
Architectural Features

Atrium width17.4m, length 90m, height 21.4m
Provide comfortable internal environment in normal situation
Can be transformed into a space for treatment in the event of overcrowding due to a large-scale accident
Middle Garden Established in the middle of 5th~13th floors
Provide pleasant atmosphere with sufficient natural light for patients in wards
Day Room and Rehabilitation Park Established on each floor of wards to be used as a resting and dining area
Rehab wards in the 4th floor
Rehab park in the roof
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