Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Leading rehabilitation medicine based on specialized knowledge and practical treatment techniques
The Dept. of Rehabilitation diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal diseases and nerve disease. In addition to the related specialists, the process of rehabilitation involves physiotherapists, occupational therapists, language therapists, rehabilitation mental statesman , exercise prescriber, athlete trainer , social worker and occupational therapist to provide the best treatment for patients.

- Areas dealt by Dept. of Rehab.-
The major service areas of this department include non-operative treatment for pain caused by disorders in the musculoskeletal and peripheral nerve systems, spinal diseases, joint inflammation, foot diseases and various sports-induced injuries. In addition, comprehensive rehabilitation treatment is provided for chronic diseases such as stroke, spinal injury, as well as to children with development retardation and patients who have experienced limb amputation.

Special clinics of this department include the spinal clinic, foot clinic, arthritis clinic, sports clinic, stroke clinic and nerve development clinic.

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