Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Derived from the ancient Greek word Plastikos, meaning "fit something to certain cast or molding,” Plastic Surgery is a specialized sub-division of surgery that modifies inherent or acquired body structure or functional defects, to recover the body to normal or beyond normal levels. This department mainly deals with:

- malformation: cleft lips, short renulum, syndactylism, etc.
- Tumor operation: Removal and reconstruction of benign tumor on skin and face and malignant tumor, including epithelium cell carcinoma
- Maxillofacial trauma and post-burning reconstruction: facial fractures, soft tissue defects, facial tissue defects, facial nerve defects and burn cars
- Reconstructive breast surgery: hypomastia, macromastia, inverted nipples, reconstruction after mastectomy, etc.
- Cosmetic surgery : double eyelid operation, rhinoplasty, facial wrinkle removal, etc.

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