The national first pediatric nerve development clinic
We take responsibility for the health of 'our future'- children and adolescents. The pediatric unit includes a large newborn unit with a pleasant atmosphere, a premature baby unit and a newborn ICU with up-to-date equipment, with 7 skilled specialists that have vast clinical experience.

The unit has specialists in pediatric renal disorders, including nocturnal enuresis, urinary tract infection, various nephropathy, kidney malformation with precise examination and treatment; and pediatric nerve disorder (epilepsy, development and intelligent disorder, cerebral palsy, etc.) with up-to-date digital electroencephalogram and advanced diagnosis equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for pediatric patients.

Pediatric heart diseases such as inherent heart malformation and arrhythmia are diagnosed in the early stage using cardiac ultrasound and cardiac catheter tests, and appropriate treatment and periodic follow-up are provided. The pediatric respiratory and allergic section deals with thorough management and education for pediatric allergic tests and treatments in this age in which bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis have become common.

In addition, a child-care consultation program is separately operated to provide appropriate healthy infant care education for mothers and to check their nutrition and behavior development status with the applicable vaccinations.

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