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Supporting medical care for smooth patient service
While the Dept. of Pathology, one of the 24 departments at Ilsan Hospital, does not directly serve patients, it does contribute to patient treatment by conducting laboratory tests on tissues and cell samples for diagnosis, and providing clinical physicians with their ‘final diagnosis’.

The area is mainly divided into surgical pathology, cellular pathology, immune pathology and molecular pathology. The department has 3 specialists in distinct roles.

The major samples analyzed are tissues and cells transferred from central operation room, outpatient operation room, wards, outpatient and Health Promotion Center. Pathological results can be found in outpatient and wards, through the processes of prescription receipt, visual inspection, slide preparation, interpretation, additional tests (special and immune stain, fluorescent microscopy, molecular pathology tests, etc.) and entering, modifying and confirming results in a computer.

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