Leader in the treatment of renal diseases
The Dept. of Nephrology deals with the kidneys, the urinary system and related diseases, treating glomerulonephritis, diabetic nephropathy, hypertension and polycystic kidney diseases causing edema, body electrolyte disorders, urinary tract infection or acute and chronic renal impairments.

To ensure accurate diagnosis, up-to-date CT, MRI and ultrasound equipment have been prepared. In particular, percutaneous renal biopsy is performed for suspected glomerulonephritis and renal syndrome. These immediate specialized tests ensure patients can receive more accurate and promt diagnosis.

Our Nephrology department is divided into specialized sections for each specialist: edema clinic, refractory hypertension clinic, electrolyte metabolism disorder section and inherent renal disease clinic to provide more specialized service. For multiple diseases across the sections, close collaboration assures optimal service.

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